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Talia Brown, NAHS '19
Alex MacMillan, NAHS '14
Devin McElhiney, NAHS '19
Josh Brown NAHS '13
Abby Braese, NAHS '19
Nick Pangakis, NAHS '13
Kyra Brown, NAHS '15
Alex Hammond, NAHS '13
Jordan Apperti, NAHS '19
Taylor Goland, NAHS '19

"Dave Brown’s skills and experience make him a uniquely qualified candidate for the School Committee. While Dave's 3 children went through our school system, he was a strong voice of advocacy. He has been a committed volunteer on behalf of all North Andover children for over 20 years.  He brings strong corporate experience at an executive level. Dave's long list of volunteer activities in leadership positions demonstrate a commitment to North Andover. He works towards positive outcomes. Dave's work on a variety of boards have shown his ability to listen to issues, to collaborate to build consensus and to creatively solve problems. Dave Brown will be an invaluable member of the School Committee. He’s got my vote!"


Cliff Bourie

Retired Teacher & Past President/North Andover Youth Baseball (aka NABCLL)

“Dave continues to be a dedicated, committed volunteer to all our youth programs, as he has for many years”

- Mike Valentino, President, NA Booster Club

“I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Dave on behalf of North Andover’s youth for 20 years, beginning with our work together on the Little League Board, to coaching together (and against each other), and continuing since then on the Fields Committee and on other North Andover initiatives.  He is a dedicated public servant, and brings passion and enthusiasm to all the projects he’s been involved with, and continues to be involved with.  I hope you will join me in voting for Dave this March.


-Rick Green, President, NA Youth Center Board of Directors

“For years, Dave has been and continues to be a highly valuable leader and contributor to North Andover’s youth programs, even after his kids aged out of the program”

-Holly Vietzke-Lynch, NABC Softball Commissioner

“I’ve worked closely with Dave for several years now, and he is a tireless supporter of North Andover Youth.   Dave steps up whenever help is needed, and takes on the tasks many others shy away from.  He’s a problem solver - always coming up with creative solutions and going the extra mile to get them done.  He’s continued to serve on the Booster Club Board long after his children aged out of the program, serving our in-town (recreational) programs in multiple sports, as well as stepping up to an Executive Board role.   Dave will bring all this energy and creativity to tackle the challenges the School Committee will face going forward.”


-Sean Daley, NABC President 2016-2020