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"We are facing an unprecedented challenge for our children’s education. It’s time that we take bold new steps to address the needs our growing community has to both address the learning gaps created by the pandemic as well as address the systemic issues that have faced our district the last several years.”
  • Expand/Promote/Expect Accountability:   

    • Are we getting the results we are paying for?

    • Show us the performance data

  • Address socio-economic equality issues in the district

    • Ensure fairness and equity in facilities and programs

    • Plan for specific ways to help disadvantaged students in the current and post-pandemic environment

  • Problem Solving:

    • Address NAMS facility & space planning

    • Improve communications:  volume, frequency & substance

  • Strategic Planning:

    • Facilities planning

    • Covid & post-Covid planning:  closing the learning gaps

  • Governance

    • Ensure the committee meets all obligations:  performance of administration, budgets, policy and community advocacy.

    • Budgets:  ROI:  what do we get for the money we spend? 

    • Communication:  improve and enhance District Communications

  • Management 

    • Collaborate on District goals and objectives

    • Positively challenge Administration to do better

  • Performance

    • Evaluate the District’s performance vs. other towns and vs. private schools

    • Push for continuous improvements 

  • Advocacy & Inclusion

    • Consider all residents

    • Work constructively with Town government

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